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Topology:- It is the arrangement with which computer and network devices are connected to each other."Arrangement layout can be actual and logical".


Bus:- It is uses a trunk or backbone to which all of the computers on the network connected.Cable segment must end with a terminated.
Thick Ethernet (10base5) used for backbone
1)Cheap and easy to implement
2)Require less cable
3)Work well for small network
1)Network disruption when computers are added and removed
2)A break backbone whole system down.
3)Sharing some cable slow response.

Ring:- Computer connected in a closed group.In ring topology no beginning and end,All device have equal access to medium.Most common type is taken ring.

1)Data travel at great speed
2)No collision
3)No terminated require
1)Require more cable than bus
2)A break in ring will bring will down.
3)Not as common as bus

Star:-All computers/devices connected to central devices (hub and switch). Each devices require a single cable.Point to point connection between device and hub.

Mesh:-Each node connected to every other,most often used in WAN to interconnected LAN.

1)Improve more tolerance can carry more data. 
1)Expansive , difficult to install.


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