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Data Communication Terminology

Data:- It refers to information present in whatever form in agreed upon by particles.

Data Communication:- Exchange the data between to device via some medium.

Four Fundamental Characteristics:-
1)Delivery:-The system must deliver data to correct destination
2)Accuracy:- It is maintain accuracy.
3)Timelines:-The data is deliver at a given time.
4)Jitter:- Jitter refers to the variations in packet arrival time.

Components of Data Communication:-

Data Representation:-

Data Flow:-
Simplex:-Data communication is a TV
Half Duplex:-Either direction but only one way at a time. i.e Police radio
Full Duplex:-Both direction at a same time. i.e Phone

Point to Point:-Single transmitter and receiver 
Multi point:-multiple recipients of single transmission.

Guided:- Wire/Cable
Unguided:- Wireless

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