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why should study Algorithm Design and Analsis

  • It us basically an analytical and conceptual subject.
  • After this , students will be able to select an appropriate problem solving strategies for real world.
    1)divide & Conqure
    2)Greedy methods
    3)Dynamic Programming
  • Important for all branches of CSE/IT subject.
  • Play key role in modern technological innovation
  • Time complexity & space complexity

Algorithm and Function:-
        An algorithm can be converted into a function
 Problem :-Find smallest element in an array
    Step :1 Set min=A[10]
    Step :2 min Index=0
    Step :3 for(i=1 to n-1)
                   if[Ai]<A[min Index]) Set minIndex =1
    Step :4 return min Index

Problem ----->Algorithm ---------1)Time  (No. of (machine Instruction executed)
                                                      2)Space  (Memory use--RAM)

Time Complexity :- It is a function describing the amount of time an algorithm take in terms of amount of input to the algorithm.

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