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What is Linked List?

Linked list is a data structure used for storing collections of data
It is a linear collection of data.
It is NonPrmitive and dynamic data structure.
Linked list has the following properties.
- Successive element are connected by pointers
- Last element points to NULL
- It can grow or shrink size during execution of a program.
- It can be made just as long as required
- It does not waste memory space
Here, Next is a pointer. It is contain a next address.In next only one pointer.
Data is hold a multiple data eg: variable , Array and structure.

There are three main linked list operation-
  • Insertion
  • Deletion
  • Traversing

Node:-When we talk about storing list of information each information set is a node which also plays a role of connection point in the list.
struct node
int info;
struct node *link;
  • Insertion
        - At the end
        - At the beginning
        - After a node
  • Deletion
        - Last node
        - First node
        - Particular node
  •  Traversing

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