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Strict Recoverable

Transaction can neither read nor write an item X until the last transaction that wrote X has committed (or aborted)

Strict Schedules simplify the recovery process.

In a schedules, the process of undoing a written item(X) operation of an aborted transaction is simply to restore the before image (old value) of data item X.

This procedure may not work correctly for cascade less or Recoverable Schedule.

Note :- A strict Schedule is also cascadeless and any cascadeless is also Recoverable.

Example :- 
 R1(X) R2(Z) R3(X) R1(Z) R2(y) R3(y) W1(X) c1W2(Z) W3(y) W2)y) C3C2

Solution :- 

Step 1 : Checking for Recoverability
   The transaction commit in the same order as they complete their work (or perform their last operation).
    Hence, the schedule is Recoverable.

Step 2 :  Checking for cascading Rollbacks.
    Short cut → Check that no WR inconsistency pair should exists. As a cascadeless schedule does not have any WR inconsistency.
Since no WR inconsistency pair exists in the above schedule, so on cascading Rollbacks can occur.
So, the schedule is cascadeless Recoverable.

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