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Memory Management

Memory Management :- It is the functionality of an operating system which manages primary memory and moves processes back and forth between main memory and disk during execution.

Function of Memory Management :-

(i)  It gives keep track of every memory location 

(ii) It track of whether memory is allocated or not

(iii) It track of how much memory is allocated

(iv) It takes the decision which process will get memory and when

(v) Its update the status of memory location when it is allocated or freed.

Protection:- This process can't access operating system and other process memory location.

Goals of Memory Management

(i) Fragmentation→ Memory loss can occur. Tries to keep fragmentation as low as possible.

(ii) Run Larger Program is smaller Memory Area.
     Program = 100 KB  ---- 500 KB
    program is a virtual memory.

What is fence Address and why it is needed  

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