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Karnaugh Map (K-Map)

K-map is a very popular technique used for the simplification of boolean expressions. It reduces boolean expression more quickly and easily, as compared to algebraic reduction. It is drawn in the form of a diagram divided by rows and columns into squares and the number of square corresponds to a row number in the truth table.
  K-map is composed of arrangement of cells each representing one particular combination of variables product form. For a total number of n variables, K-map consists of 2n cells.

Two Variables K-map
  For two variable ( A and B ), K-map have 4 cells. The two variables K-map must have four cells as shown as figure.

Three Variables K-Map
  For three variables (A, B and C) have 8 cells. The three variables K-map represent in figure.

Four Variable K-Map
  For four variables (A,B,C and D), K-map have 16 cells.As shown in figure

Five Variables K-Map
  For five variables (A,B,C,D and E) have 32 cells.As shown in figure.

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