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Function Unit (Bsic structure of Computer) in CAO

          Basic functional units of a computer.

Input Unit :-
  • Computer accept information through input unit.
  • The most common input device is the keyboard.
  • Input take form input devices transfer it to either the memory or the processor
Memory Unit :-
  • Store program and data.
  • Two classes of storage.
                -Primary Storage
                -Secondary Storage. 
Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) :-
  • Most computer operation are executed in ALU of the processor
  • Load the operands into memory
                - Bring them to the processor.
                -Perform operation in ALU
                -Store the result back to memory or retain in the processor.           

Output Unit :-
  • It is the counterpart of input unit
  • It's function is to send processed result to the outside world
  • Ex.printer.  
Control Unit :-
  • All computer operation are controlled by the control unit.
  • The timing signals that govern the I/O transfer are also generated by the control unit.
  • Control all activities inside the machine through a control unit.

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