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Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook Paperback – Import, 6 Jan 2016 by Zoran Pavlovic (Author), Maja Veselica (Author)

Secure your Oracle Database 12c with this valuable Oracle support resource, featuring more than 100 solutions to the challenges of protecting your data About This Book * Explore and learn the new security features introduced in Oracle Database 12c, to successfully secure your sensitive data * Learn how to identify which security strategy is right for your needs - and how to apply it * Each 'recipe' provides you with a single step-by-step solution, making this book a vital resource, delivering Oracle support in one accessible place Who This Book Is For This book is for DBAs, developers, and architects who are keen to know more about security in Oracle Database 12c. 

This book is best suited for beginners and intermediate-level database security practitioners. Basic knowledge of Oracle Database is expected, but no prior experience of securing a database is required. What You Will Learn * Analyze application privileges and reduce the attack surface * Reduce the risk of data exposure by using Oracle Data Redaction and Virtual Private Database * Control data access and integrity in your organization using the appropriate database feature or option * Learn how to protect your databases against application bypasses * Audit user activity using the new auditing architecture * Restrict highly privileged users from accessing data * Encrypt data in Oracle Database * 

Work in a real-world environment where a multi-layer security strategy is applied In Detail Businesses around the world are paying much greater attention toward database security than they ever have before. Not only does the current regulatory environment require tight security, particularly when dealing with sensitive and personal data, data is also arguably a company's most valuable asset - why wouldn't you want to protect it in a secure and reliable database? Oracle Database lets you do exactly that. It's why it is one of the world's leading databases - with a rich portfolio of features to protect data from contemporary vulnerabilities, it's the go-to database for many organizations. Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook helps DBAs, developers, and architects to better understand database security challenges. 
Let it guide you through the process of implementing appropriate security mechanisms, helping you to ensure you are taking proactive steps to keep your data safe. Featuring solutions for common security problems in the new Oracle Database 12c, with this book you can be confident about securing your database from a range of different threats and problems. Style and approach Each chapter explains the different aspects of security through a series of recipes. Each recipe presents instructions in a step-by-step manner, supported by explanations of the topic.
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Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook Paperback – Import, 6 Jan 2016 by Zoran Pavlovic (Author), Maja Veselica (Author) 
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Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook Paperback – Import, 6 Jan 2016 by Zoran Pavlovic (Author), Maja Veselica (Author) 

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