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Database Security

Data is a valuable resource that must be strictly controlled and managed, as with any corporate resource.

Part or all of the corporate data may have strategic importance and therefore needs to be kept secure and confidential.

Mechanisms that protect the database against intentional or accidental threats.

Security considerations do not only apply to the data held in a database: breaches of security may affect other parts of the system, which may in turn affect the database.

Database security encompasses
 - Hardware
 - Software
 - People
 - Data

Database security involves measures to avoid:
 - Theft and fraud
 - Loss of confidentiality (secrecy)
 - Loss of privacy
 - Loss of integrity
 - Loss of availability

 - Any situation or event, whether intentional or unintentional, that will adversely affect a system and consequently an organization.

Threats to Computer System

Typical Multi-user Computer Environment

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